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You are fresh from the Hedge and have been found by one of the local court leaders. A maniacal barber with the visage of a corpse and a thirst for fear, a sweet old lady who barely speaks above a whisper and offers cookies to everyone, a chain smoking taxi driver with severe road rage issues and an undying love of Tool, an oversexed nightclub owner with an incubus’s smile.

They have taken you to a dormitory of sorts at the top of a downtown sky rise, where you are given a briefing as to what you now are and what you must do.

You may have been gone for days, and yet years have passed. Or perhaps the opposite. You may have been missed. Or you may have not.

After your first few days of adjusting to your new life, an urgent court gathering is called regarding a prophecy laid down forgotten decades ago.

You now find yourself caught up in a life you never asked for, but it’s now the one you’re fighting to protect. If you fail, you will die. If you refuse, you will be sent back. If you succeed, you may lose yourself in the journey.

And when the towers all fall down, the one left standing shall where the crown.

Home Page

The Purple Crown rowanisaacjames